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A tiny Elisp library to gather synonyms with Wordnet (and how to use it so Emacs can help searching my notes)

Say you are searching your (Org Roam) notes for "house", because you are sure you had a good note in there. BUT, you used "home" in your note! You will not find your note. That has bitten me a few time, that I decided to higher up my chances to find something I need.

This is just an announcement that I have published a little library for gathering synonyms of a word. This is just a little wrapper around the executable of Wordnet really. The only value it adds is to focus on producing the synonyms of a word (or all the synonyms in a sentence).

I don't use it all the time, but it turns out useful sometimes. Let me show how I use this:

Just install the wordnet executable with something like:

sudo apt install wordnet

and then just load the .el file in your Emacs (you need dash.el and s.el as well).

Happy searching!