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Catch you JS console.log you forgot to remove with Emacs and Magit

This is to share a little hack I developed for myself. There have been a few review comments about JS files trying to reach the main/master branch with console.log in them. Although linter tools like Eslint can catch this things, I thought I would make sure I get an extra warning if I were to stage a change with it.

So I came up with this little function:

(defun my/find-console-log-in-js-staged-files ()
  "Warn if there are console.log in staged files."
  (when (s-contains-p "\.js" (s-join " " (magit-staged-files))) ; only if there is a staged JS
    (--> (shell-command-to-string "git diff --cached") ; TODO this could cause false positives because it takes all the staged files, even non JS
         (--keep (when (and (s-starts-with-p "+" it) (s-contains-p "console\." it))
                   (substring it 1 (length it)))
         (--each it
           (warn (button-buttonize (format "You have a console.* in commit: %s" it) `(lambda (x)
                                                                                       (let ((default-directory ,default-directory))
                                                                                       (goto-char (point-min))
                                                                                       (search-forward ,it nil t))))))))

(add-hook 'magit-post-stage-hook 'my/find-console-log-in-js-staged-files)

It basically checks for console.* ONLY in the hunks I have added in my staged changes.

The thing I enjoy is that it warns me AND creates Emacs buttons in the warning message allowing me to jump to the Magit diff buffer (and so making it easy solving the issue).

The next step would be to automatically remove them, but hey: it was fun to learn about button-buttonize to make clickable text :)

Happy linting!