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Hacking Projectile to search in all my projects

At work we develop micro-services. The nicest thing is that they really do one thing well. The boring thing is that there are hundreds of them!

This means I have got a big fat directory full of Git projects. I use helm-projectile to search in the code of a micro-service.

Sometimes though I need to do the reverse: I am reading something in the project and I want to see if and how that something exists in the other micro-services. For instance, I am looking at a database username and I want to see how the pattern changes between micro-services.

So I wondered if projectile supported that use case, and after a quick search I decided it was quicker to solve the problem myself.

Indeed, Projectile had the problem already solved for me. I was a git init away from being able to search things.

The only thing you may miss then is a way to search the whole projects when you are in a project. In that case, Projectile defaults on searching only the files in the micro-service.

For that I needed to write a little bit of code. I use ag, the silver searcher for quick grepping, so that is what I show here.

The core of the hack is looking for the parent of the current project, that in our case would be the directory that contains our micro-services (that we made a repository with git init).

Using Projectile we can do this:


And now copy pasting helm-ag:

(defun helm-projectile-ag-parent (&optional options)
  "Helm version of `projectile-ag'."
  (interactive (if current-prefix-arg (list (helm-read-string "option: " "" 'helm-ag--extra-options-history))))
  (let ((default-directory (projectile-root-bottom-up ; NOTE: this `let' is the only change!
    (if (require 'helm-ag nil t)
        (if (projectile-project-p)
            (let* ((grep-find-ignored-files (cl-union (projectile-ignored-files-rel) grep-find-ignored-files))
                   (grep-find-ignored-directories (cl-union (projectile-ignored-directories-rel) grep-find-ignored-directories))
                   (ignored (mapconcat (lambda (i)
                                         (concat "--ignore " i))
                                       (append grep-find-ignored-files grep-find-ignored-directories (cadr (projectile-parse-dirconfig-file)))
                                       " "))
                   (helm-ag-base-command (concat helm-ag-base-command " " ignored " " options))
                   (current-prefix-arg nil))
              (helm-do-ag (projectile-project-root) (car (projectile-parse-dirconfig-file))))
          (error "You're not in a project"))
      (when (yes-or-no-p "`helm-ag' is not installed. Install? ")
        (condition-case nil
              (package-install 'helm-ag)
              (helm-projectile-ag options))
          (error (error "`helm-ag' is not available.  Is MELPA in your `package-archives'?")))))))

Wrapping the old function in a let setting the default-directory and pointing that to the parent project does the trick.

With this you can search all the files in your parent repository without having to switch projects or move to another directory.

Happy searching!