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Too many org ids! How to tell no to Org mode for certain files

This is a quick one. I use the amazing Yankpad to capture code snippets. In the past I setup Org Mode to create an unique identifier for each new heading that I create. That let's me navigate to headings without ambiguity.

Now that I started using Yankpad capturing capabilities more seriously though, identifiers get added also in snippets. That is not good because when then I insert the snippet, I get also a

:ID:       931edc1b-2820-43d1-aa89-289d84a6eb30

in the middle of my code!

So I decided to fix that with an Emacs advice. The idea is to redefine the function org-id-get-create. Before adding an id, it should check if I want ids in that file. Checkout the code!

(defcustom my/no-org-id-in-these-please
  "Don't create org-id in these files")

(defun my/org-id-get-create-unless-it-shouldnt (orig &rest args)
  (when (not (-contains-p (-map 'expand-file-name my/no-org-id-in-these-please) (buffer-file-name)))
    (apply orig args)))

(advice-add 'org-id-get-create :around #'my/org-id-get-create-unless-it-shouldnt)

With this code loaded in your Emacs, all you have to do to avoid the situation is to add the file you don't want ids in to my/no-org-id-in-these-please.

Hope that saves you some troubles!

Happy snippetting!