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Would you like an Emacs buddy? I can help!

Learning Emacs by yourself can be difficult. I think it is too much of a great tool to not make others enjoy it too! And would be better to lower the barriers to entry.

I propose an Emacs buddy mentoring. By that I mean somebody more experienced with Emacs who you can ask for support when you are struggling. Or even better when you look for inspiration on how to get more out of your editor. I imagine a buddy chat to be more personal than what you get in a forum.

If you want to try, please get in touch here. Just write a line about you and we can get going from there.

On how I would run things: in my own mentoring I enjoyed going with mostly email conversations and sporadic video-calls when they feel right.

If you instead expect frequent support from your buddy (thinking weekly calls or the like), that is okay too but expect also to be asked for a donation to compensate the scheduled time.

Another thing to mention is that I don't expect the buddy to write Emacs extensions for you: that is the fun of your journey towards Emacs enlightenment. If you really would wish me to work on the Emacs extension you dreamt about, I would be happy to help with that but I would consider it a software project and again I would negotiate a compensation as a professional (not anymore as a buddy). That is fun too but a bit different.

I just came up with these ideas and probably they require refinement, so please share your thoughts if you are interested.

Happy enlightenment!