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Nyxt on MacOS!

This is a quick write up for those of you that wish to try Nyxt and are on MacOS. So far we could not build Nyxt on MacOS, but the GitHub user @deddu has just saved us: https://github.com/deddu/nyxt-docker. If you are a Docker user already this will come super convenient.

Just follow the instructions on his repository and you will be using Nyxt on MacOS.

If you install the latest (2.2.1) image, then emacs-with-nyxt will work out of the box too! Actually that is incorrect: you need a few steps.

First plug into your preferred terminal init file the following alias (substitute andrea with your home name).

alias nyxt="xterm -e 'xhost +; docker run -it -p 4006:4006 -v /Users/andrea:/root/ --rm bigdeddu/nyxt:2.2.1'"

This just makes available the Swank/Sly port (4006) and the nyxt and Quicklisp configuration folder (that are in your home).

And you hopefully already have in your Emacs init this code: (setq shell-command-switch "-ic"). This makes the alias usable by the Emacs shells.

Ah and don't forget to set the Swank and Sly host to:

Given all of that, you can just use all the hacks I provide in emacs-with-nyxt.

A caveat though: since you run this in a Docker container, external software are not available. At least I still haven't managed to use pass or youtube-dl. But still you can browse in Common Lisp from MacOS!