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Emacs as your code compass: watch history with Gource!

I am happy to announce that a few days ago I integrated gource into code-compass! Gource is a great tool. It lets you watch your code changes like a movie. Just run gource in a Git directory and your changes will take life. If you want an example, look here.

Gource adapts to you. If you want to watch only a section of your changes, just define the starting date. Code-compass' c/show-gource will ask you from how many days or months ago you want to start. By command line this looks more like gource --start-date 2021-01-01, but code-compass makes it easier! You can also set how quick each day should be with c/gource-seconds-per-day. By default each day is half a second.

I use this tool to show the complexity of keeping track of changes. For example, take two repositories that depend on each other and run gource. You will see how many people work together on them. Each change could break the dependency of the projects.

It was easy to add to code-compass. I hope this brings a little more awareness to the great gource!

Happy watching!