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Preview post: set your editing goals

This is a cliffhanger post. Some time ago I wrote about my efforts of writing 1k words per day and it is going rather well 1!

I am now playing around with the idea of having Emacs helping me editing my writings. In short, the workflow I have in mind is that you set your writing goal, you write until completed. The next day you set your editing goal. Your text editor shows you the text that is best to edit. You edit. Then you set your new writing goal and continue.

You may wonder how Emacs can show text that requires editing. This is how it looks like:


Phrases with red and yellow background are good spots where to look for editing. I am sure this would never work for poetry. Still this may work to clarify narrative and technical documentation.

I am currently testing things out myself (this blog is a guinea pig too 2). If you are a user of writing-word-goals and also like to be a alpha tester then I cannot stop you from checking out the "editing" branch. I would appreciate any feedback!

By the way, I also submitted the mode for Melpa and I got my first review: very grateful for @riscy's time and feedback!

P.S.: note that the complexity score of the text comes from the wonderful writegood-mode.



I skipped a few times but I felt uncomfortable: so the habit has rooted.


It seems to work!!