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Top down Elisping: a simple snippet to stub a function while your are designing your code

Yesterday I was writing some Elisp to help me score how risky it is to merge a pull request according to the age of a commit and others factors (something I want add to code-compass and I hope to blog about later on), and I have finally fixed something that was boring me while Elisping: maybe it helps you to!

So say you want to write some top down Elisp. You would start with something like:

(defun function-to-wish-happy-2021 ()
  "Make wishes 2021 to people."

And then you would write this functio by adding the high level process (top down):

(defun function-to-wish-happy-2021 ()
  "Make wishes 2021 to people."
  (call-the-rest (message-wishes-to-some-people (make-a-list-of-people))))

At this point I get bored. For each function I have to:

  1. copy each function name,
  2. write a new function with that name,
  3. add the arguments,
  4. add docs
  5. AND FINALLY write the code for it.

Where only the last point is interesting for me. So I said: "you know what? Enough, let's meta-Elisp this out".

And here the result (rough, but working!):

(defun my/stub-elisp-defun ()
  "Stub an elisp function from symbol at point."
  (let* ((fun (thing-at-point 'list 'no-properties)))
    (when fun
      (let* ((fun-list (car (read-from-string fun)))
             (name (symbol-name (nth 0 fun-list)))
             (args (cdr fun-list)))
          (or (search-backward "(defun" nil 't) (goto-char (point-min)))
            "(defun "
            " "
            (format "%s" (--map (s-concat "arg" (number-to-string it)) (number-sequence 1 (length args))))
            "\n  \"SomeDocs\"\n  nil)\n\n")))))))

Now look!


That is it: just put your cursor on the function name you want to stub, call my/stub-elisp-defun, and have a stub awaiting for your implementation.

The resulting code looks like:

(defun call-the-rest (arg1)

(defun message-wishes-to-some-people (arg1)

(defun make-a-list-of-people nil

(defun function-to-wish-happy-2021 ()
  "Make wishes 2021 to people."
  (call-the-rest (message-wishes-to-some-people (make-a-list-of-people))))

Hopefully it will take away a bit of boring typing while you code Elisp!

Maybe somebody knows about an Elisp package that does these things already? I would really love something like clj-refactor for Elisp!

Merry 2021!