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A docstring for Scala functions through YaSnippet

This shall be a very short post.

The other day I was picking at a colleague monitor, and I saw how easy was to add function documentation on his editor. So I thought: why not make my documentation flow a bit better for Scala code?

Sure that Emacs had it already, I surfed a little the web looking for somebody's YaSnippet configuration: so far I have been unsuccessful.

I found though some Python developer that accomplished what I had in mind: http://tiborsimko.org/emacs-epydoc-snippets.html

As theirs was a very fine solution, I took their code (thanks a lot Tibor, Orestis and Yasser) and edited a little bit to fit the Scala world.

This is the resulting snippet:

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# name: docstring function
# contributor: Andrea
# --
 * $1
 * ${3:$
    (let* ((indent
            (concat "\n * "))
             '(lambda (x)
                (if (not (string= (nth 0 x) ""))
                    ;; in Scala I get a separator : for the type
                    (let ((par-type (mapcar 'string-trim (split-string (nth 0 x) ":")))) (concat "@param " (first par-type) indent "@tparam " (second par-type) indent))
              '(lambda (x)
                  '(lambda (x)
                     (replace-regexp-in-string "[[:blank:]]*$" ""
                      (replace-regexp-in-string "^[[:blank:]]*" "" x)))
              (mapcar '(lambda (x) (split-string x "="))
                      (split-string yas-text ",")))
      (if (string= args "")
          (concat indent "@return: " indent "@rtype: " indent (make-string 3 34))
         (list "" args )
 * @return ${4:$(yas-text)}
def ${2:name}($3): $4 = $0

I will probably try to have it merged with the main body of Scala snippets so everybody can enjoy this.


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